Professional Home Inspections

Home Inspection Process

Have your next home inspected by a Professional Home Inspector who is a Certified Master Inspector and a Certified Building Code Official. 

Residential House Inspections Include the following:


Landscape inspection

Patios, Decks, Sidewalks

Exterior inspection

     Including roof and drainage systems

Garage inspection

     Roof, walls, steps, rafter or trusses

Window and door inspections

    Screens, drip edge, caulking

Sidewalk and steps

   wood porches and decks

Basement foundation

  wood, block or poured

Electrical components of the house

  removal of panel cover

Plumbing components

run water and test fixtures

Heating components

run components and inspect for visible damage or defects, including humidifiers etc

Structural components

  supporting walls, joists, stud walls, piers, crawl spaces, headers and beams

Drywall and flooring components

  ceramic tile, laminate, carpet, hardwood, concrete and linoleum,stairs, landings, tread, riser, handrails, newel posts

Plumbing fixtures

  baths, showers, sinks, laundry, jet tubs, drains, valves and controls

Exhaust fans

attic, kitchen, bathroom and laundry


insulation, soffit baffles, trusses, rafters, vapour barriers, vents, chimney, wiring
moisture, water, damage, code violations, poor workmanship.

Visual problems or potential problems are all identified by verbal and written report including 40 to 60 pictures of your house and every defect noted.

All inspectors are Building Code Qualified by the Ontario Building Officials Association as a minimum requirement.

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