Stop Smoking Moncton

Are you tired of the Addiction to Nicotine? Tired of spending your life on sidewalks smoking cigarettes?

Hynotherapy can help you throw away those cigarettes for ever!

Royal Hypnotherapy - Stop Smoking Moncton

Royal Hynotherapy of Moncton has a success rate as high as 95%

Hynotherapy is a proven and accepted medical treatment, unlike the recent proliferation of Lazer Clinics which promise to cure everything from Quit Smoking, Pain, Weight Loss, Reduce Stress, Stop Anxiety and some in throw in Counselling. These claims are akin to the "Snake Oil" salesmen of old. Low Level Laser treatment centers can make these claims because there is no medical training, medical treatment or professional certifications required. Anyone can go out and buy a Low Level Laser and set up shop. Using a little razzle dazzle and some online certificates and they appear to be very professional looking. Don't be fooled by the hype, research Low Level Laser on the internet and you will find most claims are simply false or unproven.

Hynosis has proven to be an effective method for those people suffering from Nicotine Addiction. Before you try hypnosis, the hypnotherapist that will be helping you throughout the entire process has to know why you smoke and what triggers it. Some smoke as a way to relieve pressure or stress while others use it to boost their confidence. Keep in mind thought that you don’t have to smoke when the pressure is building up or you want to show who you really are.

After your initial consultation with the hypnotist who will determines whether this method is suitable for your addiction treatment. After this evaluation you will move on to the actual session where you will relax and be guided into a trance state. Some people fall asleep while others claim that they are able to hear the hypnotist the entire time but the important thing is after your treatment you will be able to control that urge to light up a cigarette.

While the client is in this relaxed state that various hypnotic suggestions are repeated several times so that they will remain implanted in your mind.. The suggestions given are often rephrased or reworded to ensure all areas discussed during your initial consultation will be covered.. This suggestive input is continued until the client is taken out of the hypnotic trance state.

How effective it is varies but most people will quit smoking after their very first session with the remainder of the quit smoking for life sessions used to reinforce this positive life change. In a stop smoking study, where smokers attended individual hypnotherapy for stop smoking over three sessions, 81% had stopped smoking after the treatment ended, and at a 12 month follow-up nearly 50% remained smoke free. And 95% of the people were satisfied with their treatment.

For those individuals who are not comfortable with Hypnotherapy we would recommend trying Moncton's Stop Smoking Laser Therapy Clinic. They are the best professional laser clinic in New Brunswick.