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Finding The "God Particle" – Higgs boson

Located below the French village of Crozet is a 17 mile tunnel in the shape of a ring and 10 feet in diameter.  Using magnets to guide particle beams which will be guided into crashing into each other at four separate locations, where the resulting energy will be measured.

The Higgs boson is an integral part of the theoretical Higgs mechanism. If shown to exist, it would help explain why other elementary particles have mass. It is the only elementary particle predicted by the Standard Model that has not yet been observed in particle physics experiments.

Working underground at Europe’s Large Hadron Collider, two teams of scientists have both detected signs of the Higgs boson, which is also been called the "God Particle. On 13 December 2011, experimental results were announced from the ATLAS and CMS experiments, indicating that if the Higgs boson exists, its mass is limited to the range 116–130 GeV (ATLAS) or 115–127 GeV (CMS), with other masses excluded at 95% confidence level.

Both groups conducted experiments, which involves up to 5,000 scientists, looking for a presence of a mass between 115 and 130 GeV – the lower end of the range scanned by the scientists — that could indicate the presence of a new particle.

The  researchers have warned that not enough data has been collected to make statistically sure that the apparent "Higgs boson" signals they saw are not due to fluctuations in background signals caused by other particles and processes. The trace signals could be due to presence of background particles and processes.

The Large Hadron Collider,  the ATLAS experiment collides protons, some of the building blocks of atoms,ed to produce Higgs bosons, which have an unknown mass.  Protons are the building blocks of atoms made up of particles called quarks and gluons.

The Higgs boson has long been thought the key to resolving the mystery of the origin of mass. The Higgs boson is associated with a field, called the Higgs field, theorized to pervade the universe. As other particles travel though this field, they acquire mass much as swimmers moving through a pool get wet, the thinking goes.

Pex Plumbing Installation and Facts

PEX pipes were widely used in Europe 50 to 60 years back but these days sophisticated PEX is used to make piping and other fittings. These pipes have more resistance to extreme temperature and corrosion. It is to be said that such new generation PEX pipes have not only longevity but they can easily preserve antioxidants in the pipe. The anti oxidants available in the pipe also have amazing resistance to handle immense water pressure. It is essential to choose an experienced and reputed PEX manufacturer in order to get the best quality. Gone are those days when people used to plant copper or steel pipes in their house. Those pipes are also good but you cannot protect those pipes from corrosion and water leakage.

Water leakage is a common problem in copper or steel pipes. Water leakage is extremely difficult to control in copper or steel pipes. This is the reason people prefer PEX pipes due to their incredible resistance towards high & low temperatures. During winter seasons, countries where temperature may fall as low as minus 40 degrees, it is very difficult to control the bursting of copper pipes. On the other hand, PEX pipes can easily withstand such low and high temperatures. PEX tube are beneficial not only from a practical approach but these pipes are quite economical as well.

PEX plumbing is gaining attention throughout the world due to its durability and amazing quality to provide the best plumbing applications. It is widely used for numerous commercial and residential purposes. It is always preferred by experienced plumbers because PEX tubing installation is the easiest and reliable as well. It is completely corrosion resistance and can withstand extreme temperatures. PEX is actually a cross linked polyethylene which is formed by a combination of several molecules. It is well known for its durable nature and is one of the toughest applications for plumbing or piping.

Before installation, there are a few things needed which must be considered seriously. If you want to do a job comfortably, there are a few things such as drilling machine, hangars, stud plates, straps and PEX fasteners. It is essential to measure the length of PEX tubing which is required. According to that length, you can buy hangars and PEX straps. PEX cutter and crimp rings are also required along with crimping tools. It is essential to consider all such PEX accessories to make a successful installation.
PEX is one of the durable plumbing applications which can resist extremely hot and cold temperatures. PEX pipe may shrink or expand depending upon the intensity of heating and cooling effect. However, the shrinking or cooling effect can be less than 1 inches for every 10 to 15 degree rise or down in temperature. PEX plumbing is in huge demand across the world and is becoming a favorite of people due to its durability and longevity.

The procedure to install PEX piping is very easy and simple. You can do it by yourself or call a professional also. You need to drill holes in the walls at regular intervals in order to fix the pipe correctly. You can assure fixation of the piping by using straps and hangars. Then, the final task is to connect PEX pipes with plumbing attachments. It is essential to fix crimp rings by using crimper tool but make sure to install pipe at the right distance. It can be used and installed easily. Nowadays, it is widely used for water pipes to prevent water leakage which is very common in other traditional type of pipes.
So, by considering the above PEX installation guide, you can get rid from all kinds of breakage and leakage in a house. It is not only durable but it is one of the best choices to fulfill plumbing needs of your house.

When it comes to finding PEX manufacturers, you can easily find plenty of them either by searching online or by acquiring a reference from any friend. There are plenty of PEX manufacturers you can find online. The main advantage of searching online is that you can create a list of top 10 manufacturers and thus can approach them later on.
PEX is used worldwide due to its flexible and inexpensive nature. Also, PEX pipes are easy to install as they require least fittings. On the other hand, copper pipes are not only difficult to install but plumber need to manage many joints which makes it an extremely tiring task. By considering the benefits of PEX pipes, it can be said that PEX has bright future and PEX manufacturer can make good profit in the coming years.

It is essential to understand the different kinds of PEX pipes available in the market. If you do not have adequate knowledge about different types of PEX, it is enormously difficult to complete the installation in the right manner. So, find a reputed and professional manufacturer who can provide you good quality of PEX tubing suppliesat inexpensive price.

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