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Ontario Building Officials Association

As a Professional Association, two of the OBOA's pillars are Education and Training..... Upon completion of required education and municipal experience, a Government Member can apply to receive the professional designation CBCO (Certified Building Code Official).

Your Barrie Home Inspector has completed the following Courses:

  • Carson Dunlop Home Inspector graduate
  • Ministry of Housing - Part 9 The Building Envelope
  • Ministry of Housing - Part 9 Structural
  • Ministry of Housing - Part 3 Fire & Structural
  • Ministry of Housing - Part 3 Large Buildings
  • Ministry of Housing - Part 3 Health & Safety
  • Ministry of Housing - Part 10/11 Change of Use
  • Ministry of Housing - Part 9 Health and Safety
  • Ministry of Housing - Part 9, The House
  • Legal Process - pertaining to Ontario Building Code
  • Plans and Review - DND qualification 

  • Former Registered Builder with HUDAC (now TARION)
  • In charge of project reviews for Fire Dept for 7 years 

  • Mould Certification Course - Level One

  • WETT Certified

  • Member of NACHI

  • Certified Master Inspector

All Part 9 and Part 3 Building Code Courses certified courses by the Ministry of Housing and taught by the Ontario Bullding Officials Association. All courses are 40 hours with a required pass of over 70%.

Buying a new home or purchasing a older property - this is the resource for you. Supported by local tradespeople, this forum has answers to common problems encountered in your home. If not, simply ask and your question will be answered. Enter Ask the Experts to enter the forum and view the resources available.

A collection of articles covering every aspect of your home from landscaping to roofing. Barrie Home Inspections provides these articles as a service to all homeowners in the Simcoe County area. Enter Do It Yourself Articles to browse our collection. Our topics include: Landscaping, Basements, Plumbing, Roofing, Real Estate, Real Estate Investing, Water problems, Framing, Block and Brick, Windows, Floors, Soldering, and many more items of interest to the Do It Yourself homeowner.

To be a good home inspector you have to know the building codes which are a minimum standard required by the Province of Ontario. Knowledge by itself is not good enough, experience only comes from the time and training required to apply them to a specific appliacation, such as building inspections.

I have personally built & sold new homes, renovated older homes and apartments. I was a registered builder with HUDAC, which was the regulating agencies for all home builders in Ontario. After spending some years as a private contractor I joined the Fire Services and continued until retirement. While working for the government I learned Fire Inspections, both Federal and Provincial courses. I obtained 3 levels of Arson Investigation training and obtained by Certified Building Code Certification with the Ontario Building Officials Association. I was instrumental in assessing older buildings and developing a stragey for ensuring that safety and code related issues were updated. My last 7 years of government experience was as supervisor of Project Reviews, where I reviewed plans from architects and designers, and inspected all phases of construction until completion. These projects ranged from 10,000 dollar buildings up to 13 million dollar apartment buildings.

We are the inspection company of choice for many investors with BIN network, property management companies and financial institutions.

Although residential inspections are the mainstay of our inspection business, we also provide Commercial Buiilding Inspections for most of Southern Ontario. We have inspected 30 unit Plaza's, Large Office Buildings, Restaurants, Mixed Use and Countless Churches. We also offer Construction and Oversight Inspections for Southern Ontario with our most recent project being a modular building project for mining site in Newfoundland which lasted for over 6 months with weekly inspections. We are one of the best educated and experienced inspection companies in Southern Ontario. We look forward to provide our knowledge and expertise for your next home purchase.

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