Barrie WETT Inspections – Report issued at time of inspection

Roger Frost has been WETT Certified for over 15 years.

Same day WETT Inspections in Barrie area –  48 hrs for other areas.

If your WETT inspection is performed as part of Home Inspection package you will only have to pay $50.00,  also we do not charge a re-inspection fee for most inspection failures.

Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc. (WETT) is a non-profit training and education association that promotes the safe and effective use of wood burning systems in Canada.  Most insurance companies now require home owners to have a WETT Certified Inspector provide a report on the condition of their wood burning appliance prior to issuing a Home Owners Insurance Policy.


Ensure your wood burning system is installed correctly and operating as it should by scheduling a certified WETT inspection through Barrie WETT Inspections. We will ensure that it poses no threat to the safety of your home and family and we can also offer advice on how your system should be properly maintained for safety and efficiency.

Your Barrie WETT Inspection includes checking the following items:

  • Chimney & Cap
  • Chimney Liner or Flue Tiles
  • Smoke  Chamber
  • Wood Stove or Fireplace Damper
  • Firebox & Firebricks/Linings
  • Hearth & Floor Protection
  • Mantle & Clearances to Combustible Walls & Ceilings
  • Heat Shield Construction for Reduced Clearances
  • Proper Flue Pipe Installation & Venting
  • Clearance to Combustible Exterior Items
  • Chimney Foundations & Masonry
  • Overall Condition of the Woodstove, Fireplace and its Chimney

Although your installation might not have one or more of these items,  we are fully trained to inspect any of the above components that pertain to your wood burning appliance.

WETT inspections are now required by most insurance companies. In fact,  homeowners are often asked by their insurance companies to provide them with a WETT Certified Inspection report as part of the condition of insuring their home. Every insurance company has different requirements,  call your insurance company prior to purchasing home to find out exactly what they expect and require from you.  Many homeowners are “blind sided” by the expectations of their insurance company.  We recently had a situation where the wood stove met all the requirements of a WETT Certified Inspection but the Insurance Company had their own policy that they would not insure an Uncertified Wood Stove.


WETT inspections offer you more than peace of mind, if wood-burning appliances is part of your home’s features, it is important that these appliances are both installed correctly and inspected by a qualified person.

If you have any questions regarding WETT inspections or installation procedures please call Roger at 705-795-8255


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