Do You Need a Home Inspection in Orillia

Do You Need a Home InspectionInvesting in a home inspection is probably the wisest decision a home buyer can make.  For a $350.00 you get a detailed report of the problems, maintenance issues and potential problems your new home may have.  Once you have paid for your new home the chances of getting any money back for unknown problems or faulty systems is not very likely.  You can go to your Realtor but they will just tell you that you should have gotten a home inspection.  Most professional Realty Companies will require you to sign a waiver if you decline a home inspection.

If you are buying an older home you should be prepared for items that are very expensive to repair and are found in a lot of the older homes in Orillia.  Common items I have found during home inspections are:  Vermiculite Insulation  (Asbestos Hazard),  aluminum wiring (some insurance companies will not insure), galvanized plumbing (some insurance companies will not insure), asbestos insulation on older plumbing and heating systems and knob and tube wiring.  Many homes have had the easily visible issues removed but unfortunately sometimes leave hard to reach areas in hope that nobody notices.

Many times I have inspected 40 to 50 year old homes and identified asbestos that was not removed between floors and the home owner was totally unaware that it was even present.  Some sellers are upset that their home inspection did not find some of these issues and now they are stuck dealing with them.  Although a home inspection is only a visible inspection of a property,  all areas should be inspected which will usually identify hazards such as asbestos, aluminum wiring, knob and tube or faults in the homes major systems.

Fluke ScreenThe Orillia Home Inspector offers Free Thermal Imaging scans of your entire home during your home inspection.   Thermal Imaging is useful in finding moisture, missing insulation or electrical hot spots in your home.  Although Thermal Imaging requires a difference in temperature to be the most effective, it can even identify mouse trails in attic when it is extremely cold outside,  moisture and heat loss will show up regardless of external temperature.

WETT Certified for fireplace, wood stove and pellet stoves also allows you to ensure your wood burning appliances are properly installed and in good working condition.  Although the regular fee for a WETT Inspection is $150.00 the Orillia Home Inspector only charges $50 per appliance in conjunction with home inspection.

Having performed over 5,000 home inspections in the past 10 years allows us to offer a 100% Money Back guarantee on all our inspections.   Always remember when buying a home,  CAVEAT  EMPTOR – BUYER BEWARE.

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