Your home inspection is a visual examination of the house and property which may Barrie House Inspectoraffect use or condition of the home.  This is a very thorough examination of the inside and out of, including structure and all the homes systems.  Our detailed inspection includes overview pictures or exterior and interior of home and includes pictures of any deficiencies found.

The Barrie Home Inspector’s clients are always impressed with the detailed nature of their report.  They also like the detailed review at the property where everything is explained and revisiting items that require maintenance or replacement is reassuring for potential home buyers.  As a Certified Building Code Official and Certified Master Inspector, our expertise is available to the client throughout and even after the home inspection is completed.

Free Thermal Imaging is included with every home inspection.  Infrared cameras allows FREE Thermal Imaging the home inspector to find missing insulation, hidden moisture or electrical hot spots.  Checking your home with a professional grade moisture detector and a thermal imaging camera allow us to find many areas of concern that other’s may miss.

Many rural homes will have a secondary heat source, such as fireplace, woodstove, pellet stove or outside boiler.  The Barrie Home inspector has been WETT Certified for over 15 years and will provide a WETT Inspection for $50.00 when conducted as part of home inspection package.  The Site Basic WETT inspection is a visual inspection conducted to meet insurance company requirements.

We also inspect Commercial Properties with many years’ experience in evaluating Plaza’s, strip malls, combined residential and commercial properties and apartment commercial property inspectionsbuildings.  The Barrie Home inspector covers most of Southern Ontario and has inspected commercial properties as far away as New Brunswick.  We have provided commercial property assessments on Plaza’s valued over $30 million dollars, Aircraft Hangers, Industrial Manufacturing and Multiple Church structures.

We are so confident is our knowledge and experience we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee of all our inspections for a period of 30 days after you take possession of our home.  Whether you want a “Risk Free” home inspection or simply “Peace of Mind”, contact the Barrie Home Inspector for your next purchase.