Pricing Policy

Orillia Inspector’s Cottage Inspection for Only $349.00

Our $349.00 Cottage inspection includes a written report complete with pictures of exterior, interior, crawl-spaces, attics, and any deficiencies. Have your cottage inspected by a Certified Building Code Official and protect your investment.  This prevents costly surprises which could be financially devestating.

WETT inspection included for only $50.00 when included with cottage or home inspection.

Thermal Imaging inspection of your home or just a specific inspection to discover cause of problems in your home. Most of these problem inspections can be resolved over the phone at no cost to you, but if further investigation is required we will provide this service for $129.00

What is our Fair Pricing Policy?

The Orillia  Home inspector has looked at all the different companies and their method of charging for a home inspection and found them all wanting. We have come up with a unique method of ensuring our customers get fair value for their money.

Pricing Policy

The Orillia Home Inspector charges $349 dollars for a single residential home.

If your home has two kitchens, The Orillia Home Inspector charges you $50.00 per extra kitchen. So if your home had 2 kitchens, for instance, the charge would only be $399.00.

Century Homes – These are homes with Cement and Rock foundations are a flat fee of $399.00

Money Back Guarantee

Napoleon Home Inspections, The “Orillia Home Inspector”, is the only home inspector in Simcoe County to offer a money-back guarantee if not 100% satisfied. No questions asked, money cheerfully refunded.

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