Water is one of the most common reasons that damage occurs to most homes. The exterior is especially vulnerable to the onslaught of water and moisture, the slow but sure deterioration of a homes cladding, windows and foundation if not properly maintained. I have written many articles on the value of proper drainage and grading of building lots etc but there is always a surprise or two waiting for a chance to damage your home.
I recently came across a rather unique story regarding water intrusion into a home, and from a very unusual source, the hydro service. This homeowner had a basement room which had a moisture odour but no source could be detected. The odour would come and go with no apparent source for the problem. This spring the carpet got wet and this being an inside wall, again no apparent cause. After removing the carpet and then the drywall the source became apparent, the hydro service was leaking water down the wall and under the carpet.
The homeowners insurance would not cover this as the source was from an un-heated area. As always you can always count on your insurance company to stand by you when it is time to collect premiums, but when it comes to paying out any claims, there is always a loophole which prevents you from being covered. This particular home owner had to add another main panel, run hydro from the service at side of garage overhead and then down the wall into the existing panel, then capping off the leaking underground service.
Personally I have never heard of this type of water penetration before and unless the service was leaking or there were signs of water penetration, would be impossible to pick up on a home inspection. An example of some of the un-expected problems that can occur for home owners.