Home Inspection Prices 

Inspection Prices


Single Residential Home Inspection = $449.00

Inspection includes exterior inspection of home and landscaping around home. This includes decks, sidewalks, drainage, window wells, roof, windows, gutters and downspouts.

The inspection of the interior of the home includes, inspecting all systems; heating, cooling, water supply, drains, ducts and electrical.

During the inspection we open all doors and windows and test all kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

We inspect your attic for signs of moisture, lack of ventilation, proper and adequate insulation coverage and look for vermiculite or asbestos insulation.


Century Homes – These are homes with Cement and Rock Foundations are a flat fee of    $499.00

Homes with an extra kitchen    $50.00
Out Buildings or Separate Garage     $50.00
Hot Tub inspection     $50.00
Swimming Pool inspection     $50.00
Thermal Imaging Scan    $129.00
WETT Inspection is only $100.00 when included as part of Home Inspection.

Money Back Guarantee

Orillia  Home Inspections, is the only home inspector in Simcoe County to offer a money-back guarantee if not 100% satisfied.

No questions asked, money cheerfully refunded.  Valid for 30 days after possession of your new home.

Buying a home is exciting, but it can also be stressful and time-consuming. The worst thing that can happen after you’ve signed your closing papers is an unexpected major expense due to problems in the home that you weren’t made aware of during the buying process. That’s why a home inspection is so important and why most realtors advise home buyers to hire a home inspector when they are looking to buy a home. Some buyers opt to save a few dollars by skipping this step. While an inspector is an additional expense, hiring one can help you avoid costly repairs and downright bad deals, saving you time and money in the long run.

A lot of contractors will pick up a fixer-upper in the fall and spend the winter fixing up unit for a quick flip.  It is also nicer to work inside during winter months.  Some contractors will just do the bare minimum to make the home more appealing and ensure they can make a profit.   I like to call these renovations, ” Lipstick on a Pig”.  As a home inspector I sometimes wish I could see Lipstick on pig House for Salethrough walls and determine whether work was completed in accordance with minimum Building Code requirements, but I am limited to what I can see.  I do note whenever I see work that does not meet Ontario Building Code,  Canadian Electrical Code or Plumbing Code requirements, because that indicates work was done in the house without a Building Permit of the proper inspections.

When lack of inspections are identified the onus is on the Purchaser if they are willing to invest in a property that was never properly inspected after renovations were completed.  Personally I always assume if work that is visible was incorrectly done, most likely any work behind walls etc. was also improperly done.

Remember when Buying a Home,  CAVEAT EMPTOR – BUYER BEWARE!   After a property changes hands and problems unfold in your new home,  everyone will just tell you to contact your Home Inspector.  So basically, the person you pay the least amount of money when purchasing a home,  is the only person you can go to when you have a problem.  So basing your Home Inspector choice based on a few saved dollars is definitely not a good idea.



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