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Barrie Home Inspections has completed over 8,000 home inspections.  Roger is a Certified Building Code Official with the Ontario Building Officials Association.  Barrie Home Inspection also is a Certified Master Inspector.  The customer is always recommended to attend the home inspection.  At the end of every inspection we review all the deficiencies found and if needed can look at each one individually until you as a client understand the type of deficiency and what is required to fix it.

Barrie Home Inspections


Barrie Home Inspections – Training

Barrie Home Inspections has taken all the required courses required by the Ontario Building Officials Association to earn the Designation of Certified Building Code Official.  Knowledge of both Part 9 and Part 3 of the Ontario Building Code is mandatory.  Most Home Inspector’s will only have taken Part 9 Building Envelope and Structure.  The knowledge obtained by taking all the required OBOA courses is what allows us to offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee for 30 days after you take possession of your new home.

  • Carson Dunlop Home Inspector graduate
  • Ministry of Housing – Part 9 The Building EnvelopeBarrie Home Inspections - Certified Building Code Official
  • Ministry of Housing – Part 9 Structural
  • Ministry of Housing – Part 3 Fire & Structural
  • Ministry of Housing – Part 3 Large Buildings
  • Ministry of Housing – Part 3 Health & Safety
  • Ministry of Housing – Part 10/11 Change of Use
  • Ministry of Housing – Part 9 Health and Safety
  • Ministry of Housing – Part 9, The House
  • Legal Process – pertaining to Ontario Building Code
  • Plans and Review – DND qualification

Home Inspection Experience

  • Former Registered Builder with HUDAC (now TARION)
  • In charge of project reviews for Fire Department  for 7 years
  • Mould Certification Course- Level One
  • WETT Certified
  • Member of NACHI (national association of certified home inspectors)
  • Member of NACBI (national association of commercial building inspectors)
  • Certified Master Inspector

All Part 9 and Part 3 Building Code Courses certified courses by the Ministry of Housing and taught by the Ontario Building Officials Association. All courses are 40 hours in length with a required pass of over 70%.

Barrie Home Inspections – Free Thermal Imaging

Barrie Home Inspections provides Free Thermal Imaging scans of your exterior walls and electrical panel as part of your home inspection.Barrie Home Inspection - Infrared Camera
Infrared testing is based on the principle that heat flow in a material is altered by the presence of some type of anomalies. These changes in heat flow cause localized temperature differences in the material surface. The imaging or study of such thermal patterns is known as Thermography.

Heat can be described as the energy associated with the random and chaotic motions of the atomic particles from which matter is composed.
Heat transfer can occur by conduction, radiation, convection, or a combination of these. When a surface is heated, there is an increase in energy of the atomic particles leading to a corresponding increase in temperature and emitted energy. The chaotic thermal agitation of atomic particles produce a form of radiant electromagnetic energy known as infrared radiation (that is , radiation of frequencies beyond red). All materials (hot or cold) contain heat and radiate infrared energy.

The thermal imaging camera has a lens which focuses on the infrared light being emitted by object camera is pointed at. The camera typically has a phased array which will detect the infrared elements and depict them as a thermogram.

The thermogram is interpreted by the circuits in the camera and transmitted to the display. Most cameras can display in black and white (grayscale) or in colour (rainbow) depending on settings the operator chooses.

Infrared cameras scan at a rate of 29 to 31 times a second and can read temperature from minus 20 degrees C to over 2000 degrees C. These cameras can detect a change in temperature as small as 0.2 C.

Types of Home Inspections

Read our Detailed Type of Inspection page.   Every type of Home Inspection is listed with a comprehensive explanation.  We also have a very detailed description of the Major System Inspections and exactly what is covered.  Our Standards of Practice clearly defines Items that are Inspected and Items that are Not Inspected.


Money Back Guarantee

The Barrie Home Inspector offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee on all home inspections.  This offer is good for 30 days after you take possession of your home.  This allows you to carefully examine your home for any undisclosed deficiencies.   We are the only Home Inspection Company in Simcoe County to offer a non-conditional Money Back Guarantee.  ( no questions asked, your money cheerfully refunded )

Commercial Building Inspections

Barrie home inspections provides Commercial Building Inspections for most of the Southern area of Ontario.  We have inspected Plaza’s, Apartment Complexes of any size, Industrial Buildings, Churches, Strip Malls and Mixed Use Buildings. 

As a member of NACBI our inspectors represent the best of the best with experience and professionalism for our respective trades. NACBI members follow the industry nationally accepted guidelines of ASTM International for Property Condition Assessments and Inspection Institute standards of practice for infrared thermal imaging Inspections.

Commercial Buildings usually fall under a separate part of the building code for a reason.  The bigger the building the more complicated the design. Large Buildings is an intensive course dealing with the Occupancy of Buildings; Building Fire Safety; Safety within Floor Areas; Exits; Barrier Free Design; Structural Design; Change of Use and Renovations to name a few.  As you can see from the subject titles all of these aspects of a building are important and can be very expensive to repair or upgrade.

Barrie home inspection - WETT Certified

 WETT Certified Inspection – $75 with Home Inspection

Barrie home inspection can provide a Level One inspection for wood stoves, fireplaces, fireplace inserts and pellet stoves.  Over 18 years of WETT Certified Inspections.  We provide WETT Inspections to most of Simcoe County.  During summer months we provide WETT Inspection services to most of Muskoka cottage country on weekends.  We also provide island WETT Inspection services as long as transportation is provided.

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