Money Back Guarantee

The Orillia Home Inspector is the only company in Simcoe County to offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.  No fine print or tricky time constraints, just your inspection fee fully refunded if you are not 100% Satisfied.  This guantee starts when you take possession of your home and is good for 30 days.  This gives you lots of time as the home owner to look around and find anything you are not happy or concerned about.

Inspection Report

Each Inspection Report is a hand crafted expert assessment of the condition of your home during the time of inspection.  Your report will come complete with Overview Pictures of your home followed by pictures and detailed description of any noted problems or deficiencies.  We review all items while still at the home in order to actually show you what the deficiency is and what problems it may entail.  Your Computerized report will be available later that day or the next..

Home Inspection

We offer a thorough and complete inspection of your home.  Service includes a visual inspection of your foundation, basement, heating system, water system, electrical and plumbing inspections.  Our goal is to identify any potential safety concerns or possible system failure which may occur in the near future.  We also offer FREE THERMAL IMAGING with Infrared Camera to find hidden moisture, missing insulation or electrical hotspots….


  • 20 years inspection experience
  • Performed over 8,000 inspections
  • Certified Building Code Official
  • Certified Master Inspector
  • Commercial Building Inspector
  • Member of both NACHI & NACBI
  • Registered Builder with HUDAC


  • $449.00 for Residential Inspection
  • $499.00 Century Style Property
  • $50.00 for Extra Kitchen
  • $50.00 plus for Out Buildings
  • $50.00 for Hot Tubs
  • $50.00 for Swimming Pool
  • Quotes  for Commercial Buildings
  • $300.00 Air Quaility Testing
  • $80.00 Asbestos Testing
  • $100.00 WETT with Home Inspection
  • Renovation Inspections – $200.00


  • Identify areas of hidden moisture
  • Find missing insulation in building
  • Find electrical hot spots
  • Inspect flat roofs for leaks
  • Identify areas of heat loss where sealing is needed.
  • Minimum of 20 deg difference required 
  • Expose hidden deficiencies


  • Only $100.00 with property inspection
  • Wett inspections for wood burning appliances
  • Site Basic Insurance Inspections
  • Wood Stoves and Fireplaces
  • Pellet burning appliances
  • Muskoka Cottage Inspections on Weekends
  • Island Inspection with supplied ride