Barrie Home Inspector – Free Thermal Imaging

Barrie Home Inspector - Free Thermal Imaging

Roger Frost, the Barrie Home Inspector,  is a qualified professional who visually inspects your homes structure and components looking for any immediate or potential problems. He will provide a written report to you with a description of problem areas and may also include recommendations for further evaluation.  All deficiencies are identified with pictures and a commentary on the defect.

A home inspection is a valuable resource when purchasing a home.  We provide a comprehensive computerized report to serve as your guide for as long as you own the home. It not only describes the house components and their condition, but also provides insight into what improvements will be necessary, and when.

Buying a house may seem like an endless series of critical, important decisions that have to made in a very short time. When you find the house that is right for you, you need a professional home inspector to educate you about the condition of your new property. This is a requirement for most buyers who want to ensure they are making a sound investment.  A Home Inspection is recommended even when buying a newly constructed home; the additional peace of mind that a professional home inspection offers is invaluable.

Home Inspection Services

From Century Homes to New Homes, we inspect them all.    A home inspection is a professional, objective and non-invasive examination of the condition of a home.  All our home inspections are conducted using our Experience, Knowledge and Training which guaranties your 100% Satisfaction.   We prepare and deliver a comprehensive written report of findings based on examination of the current condition of a home or property.  See the suite of home and property inspection services we provide below for more details.

Money Back Guarantee

The Barrie Home Inspector offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely Satisfied with your Home Inspection.  This Guarantee is good for 30 days from when you take possession of your new home.  This gives you ample opportunity to familirize your self with your property and discover any problems.

Knowledge, Experience and Training

“Knowledge is the key to understanding, understanding is the key to achieving, and achieving is the key to becoming a good Home Inspector.”  Roger has taken all the required courses offer by the Ontario Building Officials Association to become a registered “Certified Building Code Official“.  Roger has also met all the requirements to be designated a “Certified Master Inspector“.

The only source of Knowledge is Experience.  Roger has completed over 8,000 residential home inspections and countless Plaza’s, Strip Malls, Chuches, Apartment Buildings, and Industrial Buildings.  The Barrie Home Inspector also worked as a Building Inspector for the Federal Government, in charge of Project Reviews for the Fire Departement.  Reviewing Plans for acceptance and conducting Site Visits to ensure Compliance with Ontario Building Code.

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The Barrie Home Inspector has completed many courses which exceed any Home Inspector Association requirements. List of courses below:

  • Carson Dunlop Home Inspector graduate
  • Ministry of Housing – Part 9 The Building Envelope
  • Ministry of Housing – Part 9 Structural
  • Ministry of Housing – Part 3 Fire & Structural
  • Ministry of Housing – Part 3 Large Buildings
  • Ministry of Housing – Part 3 Health & Safety
  • Ministry of Housing – Part 10/11 Change of Use
  • Ministry of Housing – Part 9 Health and Safety
  • Ministry of Housing – Part 9, The House
  • Legal Process – pertaining to Ontario Building Code
  • Plans and Review – DND qualification

WETT Certified Inspector

Most Insurance Companies now require a WETT Certified Inspection of Fireplaces, Wood Stoves, Fireplace Inserts and Pellet Stove.

WETT Certification requires completion of the following courses:
  • Successfully complete the three-day Code Compliance course.wett certified inspections
  • Successfully complete the two-day Wood-burning Systems course.
  • Successfully complete the one-day SITE Basic Inspection course.
  • Submit a verifiable declaration of 80 weeks industry experience as well as a letter of reference
Types of WETT Certified Professionals

SITE Basic Inspector – These are individuals who can perform a Basic Inspection.  ( this is the level required by Insurance Companies and Municipal Building Dept’s

Technician – These are individuals who can install or performance maintenance on wood-burning appliances. They can also perform a Basic or Enhanced inspection.

Chimney Sweep – these are individuals who can clean and maintain your entire wood-burning system, including cleaning the chimney. The can also perform a Basic or Enhanced inspection.

SITE Comprehensive Inspector – These are individual who can perform Basic, Enhanced or Technical inspections. These individuals are also technicians and/or sweeps.


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