The primary purpose of a Home Inspection is to educate you about the condition of the home.

The Orillia Home Inspection service provides a detailed visual survey of your home and major systems. During the home inspection we will identify components that are significantly damaged, unsafe or near the end of their life cycle. We operate doors and windows to find any mechanical defects. We inspect interior finishes looking for damage or poor workmanship. Your structure is inspected for compliance with good building practices and any deviations are noted in your report.

Because a Home Inspection is a visual assessment of a property, experience is paramount in determining possible problems based on knowledge which may not be readily identified by the untrained eye. When you hire a home inspector you are paying for his knowledge and experience, ensuring you evaluate these attributes is the responsibility of the home owner.

In the house diagram below we list the Standard Items that we inspect in a typical home. Every home is unique and requries flexibilty of inspection procedures and reporting. Every area and major system of a home has its own requirements, depending on style of material and the manner in which it is used in the home. Every home building product has its good points and sometimes it can have some bad points. As a Professional Home inspector it is our goal to educate you on the construction of your home and how it will affect you while living in your home. For example will you have to perform extra maintenance or sometimes it is a simple matter of caulking which can prevent expensive repairs if ignored.

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